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Driving Lessons in Leeds - lesson Plan

For Complete begineers - helping you to learn quick and safe

Low price and full adpated modern car with dual controls.

Lessons will be structured and planned by the driving instructor.

Lesson plans will be flexible to meet the learners needs.

Quick Learners will have lessons plans adjusted.

Order of driving subjects can vary depending on the pupils needs.

Lesson 1 will involve whats called a cockpit drill - This is learning about the hand / foot / Auxiliary Controls of the car.





Moving off

All lessons will be structured and planned in advance with flexibility from the fully qualified ADI instructor..

Next we will look at the basic moving off (prepare / observe / move)\ stopping (mirrors / signal / maneuver)

Prepare =

Clutch down / 1st gear / set gas/ set biting point by raising the clutch.


Observe = Check mirrors and blind spot.


Move = consider signal / release handbrake / raise clutch / steer / apply gas.




Then you will proceed on to Left turn/ Right Turn / T Junction (Left and Right emerge) using the MSPL routine (mirrors / signal / position / speed / look) etc

From here you will proceed to concealed junctions, hill starts / angle starts / pedestrian crossing / cross roads / roundabouts / mini roundabouts / bus lanes / junction lights / reverse park / reverse left corner / turn in road etc etc

The subject taught and time spend on each subject can vary from pupil to pupil depending on skill and ability. You instructor will be flexible in your needs.

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